New powder coated color for a new customer

Recently, KVF and Titan Cut , Hampton, IL, came together and powder coated a better paint finish on some very neat designs. Check out Titan Cut for your design ideas. Below are four of the new designs coated at KVF Quad.

The paint KVF used, by direction of the customer, was Polyester Gold, sourced from Prismatic Powders. This is a new color for KVF, but shows off our ability to coat just about any color that our customer base can dream up. Prismatic Powders is an excellent source of all kinds of new and different coatings. From textures to metallics and everything in between, Prismatic Powders has the ability to produce it.

If you have a project that you are considering coating on your own, let us first give you a quote to give you a better than OEM finish at the color of your choice. Powder coating not only looks better, but lasts longer too!


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