Why Choose Abrasive Blast Finishing

Abrasive blast finishing generates clean, anchor finishes and creates ready-to-weld substrates. This method of metal finishing uses compressed air to propel media to clean and remove scale, rust, markings, previous coatings, or weld splatter from component surfaces, resulting in a quality product for our customers. All products are available for post process rust preventative to accommodate our customers’ needs. 

Abrasive Blast Finishing at KVF Quad Corporation

KVF Quad primarily uses steel shot, aluminum oxide, cut wire and glass bead to finish parts. However, we partner with Empire Abrasive Blast Company and Clemco Corp to create the finish our customers desire. At KVF Quad, we have two walk-in blast rooms that can hold parts up to 4,500 lbs. and 15’ x 3’ x 6’ in size. We also utilize three cabinet style blast systems. 

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