Why Use Powder Coat Paint

Powder coat painting is one of the most popular metal finishes our customers utilize. The durability and overall quality of this finishing method makes it an attractive option for many customers focused on industry standards. In fact, typical ferrous (steel, iron) and non-ferrous (aluminum, zinc) components coated in this method exceed the requirements for dry film appearance and durability specified by current agricultural, aerospace, automotive, government, medical and construction equipment industries. 

Powder Coat Paint Services at KVF Quad Corporation

At KVF Quad, we can paint just about anything. Our paint application facilities have the ability to coat parts in a range of sizes, from the size of a pen tip to a 20’ x 5’ x 6’ part and weighing up to 2,000 lbs. We work with our customers to accommodate unique shapes, sizes and requests that result in an exceptional product. 

Our state-of-the-art powder coating facilities offer automated paint lines and conventional powder coat paint booths to provide customers with a significant advantage where both large and small quantity production is a necessity. KVF Quad offers over 200 different powder coating colors, glosses and textures as well as custom paint types upon request. 

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