Parts Cleaning

Parts cleaning is essential to many industrial processes as a prelude to surface finishing or to protect sensitive components. KVF Quad adheres to strict guidelines, eg. choosing correct processes, type of substrate and nature of contamination and when dealing with customer specific cleanliness measurements or specifications. Also available is the option to add rust preventatives after each cleaning operation.

Choosing the correct cleaning process is vital to the application of the component after the cleaning procedure. Our cleaning methods are set up to remove contaminators, such as drawing compounds, oil and grease, chips, particles, cutting fluids, polishing or buffing compounds, dirt, rust and scale. KVF Quad operates a variety of methods to clean your parts.

  • Mechanical – Abrasive: Vibratory & Blast
  • Mechanical – Precision Cleaning Non-Abrasive: Ultrasonic
  • Wash – A five stage wash system utilizing in-line spray cleaning through a multi-chamber washer. This system can handle large production runs and clean components in preparation for paint applications.

If scale, laser oxide, embedded dirt are a problem, let KVF Quad mechanically clean your parts before it becomes a problem. With a variety of different applications, KVF Quad has the cleaning solution for any type of contamination.