Abrasive Blast Finishing

Abrasive blasting, or air blasting, is a method of propelling media, using compressed air, to clean and remove scale, rust, markings, previous coatings or weld splatter from component surfaces. This operation generates clean, anchor finishes and creates ready-to-weld substrates. All products can be available for post process rust preventative, depending on customer needs. KVF operates daily using primarily steel shot, aluminum oxide, cut wire and glass bead. Other media selections are available upon request. Let us know what type of finish you need and KVF can achieve it or work with our partners, Empire Abrasive Blast Company or Clemco Corp., to find a solution for you. Equipment used: Two walk-in blast room, (up to 4500 lbs and size up to 15 ft x 3 ft x 6 ft) Three cabinet type blast systems

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