Equipment Sales

The following is a list of reconditioned equipment available through KVF Quad. For more information click on the link with each product or call Mike Crotty at (309) 755-1101 or fax at (309) 755-1121.

Last Updated 10/22/2015
Almco V-16 Tub Finisher
Almco V-16 Tub FinisherRequest More Details
 ADF Rotary Washer W/ Rinse Tank & Oil Skimmer Request More DetailsADF Rotary Washer
 ADF Washer 45W x 40L x 48H 1200 Pounds Request More DetailsP1160521
 Miji-Lif Washer 32W x 23L x 54H Request More DetailsP1160518
Roto Max 3 Cubic Foot Centrifugal Disk Deburring MachineRoto Max 3 Cubic Foot Centrifugal Disk Deburring MachineRequest More Details
Stoelting Drag Out WasherStoelting Drag Out WasherRequest More Details

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