Laser Oxide Removal

As the use of thermal cutting processes in the metalworking industry has increased substantially, the need to remove the oxidation produced by those processes has also increased. This oxidation, or scale left over from thermal cutting, can cause problems for metal finishers and end customers alike.

Carbon oxide is formed on the edges of parts when gas is introduced during the thermal metal cutting process. This creates a carbon oxide scale that appears as a shiny blue/silver finish on and around the cut areas. The scale, which is loosely bonded to the part, prevents any proper future paint adhesion. This causes issues such as minor paint chipping or flaking to complete delamination.

Laser Oxide Cleaning

KVF Quad can mechanically remove the laser oxide and prepare the substrate for paint process all under one roof, eliminating the need for excessive material handling, extended time requirements and increased costs. Mechanical removal of laser oxide has proven widely successful and is often the required method by many of the country’s largest and most successful manufacturers.

All of KVF Quad Corporation’s Laxer Oxide Cleaning Services are performed at their Quad Cities facility.