Shot Peening

Discovered in the late 1920’s, shot peening has been used in many applications. In the beginning, shot peening was used by the automotive industry to increase the life of valve springs. Today, shot peening has many useful applications across a handful of industries.

Shot peening is a process used to produce a compressive residual stress layer of metal on parts such as: gears, cams and camshafts, clutch springs, coil springs, connecting rods, crankshafts, gearwheels, and turbine blades. In addition to increasing the residual strength of a part, as a benefit, it can provide and enhance surface finish.

Similar to abrasive blasting, shot peening operates on the principle of plasticity rather than abrasion: each particle functions as a ball-peen hammer, changing the mechanical properties of the surface, relieving tensile stress and replacing it with beneficial compressive stress. Studies have shown that parts, after peening, have a greater life span over non-peened parts.

Let KVF Quad process your shot peening needs conveniently located in the Quad Cities part of the Iowa/Illinois Midwest. We can provide certifications of all peening processes and meet any customer specific requirement or industry specification. KVF Quad uses a wide variety of media material (steel shot, cut wire, etc.), verified against A, N, and C type Almen strips for consistent results.

All of KVF Quad’s services are performed at their Quad Cities facility.