What is Ultrasonic Cleaning

The term “ultrasonic” refers to high frequency electrical sound. In parts cleaning application, ultrasonic vibrations generate sound waves in a cleaning solution in the same manner a vibrating drumhead generates sound waves in the air. 

During the process of an ultrasonic clean, sound waves radiate throughout the tank liquid, creating a cycle of alternating high and low pressure. Throughout each low-pressure cycle, millions of microscopic vapor-filled cavities form and grow in the liquid. It is during each high-pressure cycle the cavities collapse or implode, releasing enormous amounts of energy. This continuous rapid process is called “cavitation”. These implosions act like an army of tiny scrub brushes that work in all directions and invade the tiniest recesses and openings. 

Why Use Ultrasonic Cleaning

In addition to the mechanical scrubbing action of the ultrasonic cleaner, cavitation also increases the speed and intensity of many chemical reactions, causing the cleaning chemistry to be more rapid and effective. The use of an ultrasonic cleaner removes the smallest particles of dirt and leaves parts exceptionally clean, exceeding many industries’ toughest cleanliness specifications. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning with KVF Quad Corporation

The ultrasonic cleaners at KVF Quad are well maintained, kept at the highest standards, and utilize eco-friendly components. Our staff is well versed in the usage of ultrasonic cleaners and can assist you with meeting specific certification or help you streamline your product development by utilizing ultrasonic cleaning. 

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