Why Use Vibratory Finishing

Customers wanting to deburr, radius, descale, burnish, clean and brighten metal components will find an excellent solution in vibratory finishing their products. Vibratory finishing allows us to control the time, vibration motion and flow of lubricant to quickly produce the desired results. 

Vibratory Finishing with KVF Quad Corporation

With a variety of equipment types and sizes and hundreds of media types, KVF Quad has the capability to meet unique customer specifications. Totaling 226 cubic feet of processing equipment, we operate round bowls and rectangular finishing machines.

Our vibratory finishing process includes the use of batch-type operations. Specially shaped media and the customer’s parts are placed into the tub/barrel of the equipment. The tub is then set-in motion using counterweights to cause the vibrating motion of the machine and initiating the media to contact the parts. 

At KVF Quad, not only do we utilize a variety of media types during daily operations, but we also partner with Almco-Industrial Finishing Supplies and Wisconsin Porcelain Company, creating a value chain unlike any other in the mass finishing industry. 

Are you ready to learn more about vibratory finishing services with KVF Quad?