Vibratory Finishing

With a variety of equipment types and sizes, and hundreds of media types, KVF Quad has what it takes to yield results in the mass finishing field. Totaling 226 cubic feet of processing equipments, KVF Quad operates round bowls, and rectangular tub finishing machines that can deburr, radius, descale, burnish, clean and brighten almost any type of metal component.

KVF Quad not only uses many types of media during daily operation, but are also distributors for / partners with Almco- Industrial Finishing Supplies,  and Wisconsin Porcelain Company, creating a value chain second to none in the mass finishing industry. From holes to threads and rust to scale, KVF Quad has the media available to produce multiple finishes across most all types of metal.  KVF Quad’s staff is highly skilled in the many aspects of the vibratory finishing process.

KVF Quad’s vibratory finishing process includes the use of  batch–type operations, specially shaped media and the customer’s parts are placed into the tub / barrel of the vibratory equipment. The tub of the vibratory tumbler is then set in motion, using counter weights to cause the vibrating motion of the machine and causes the media to come in contact with the parts. Controlling the time, vibration motion (speed), flow of lubricant, vibratory mass finishing can quickly produce multiple desired results.

All Vibratory Finishing processes are performed at KVF Quad’s Quad Cities facility.