Shot Blasting

Shot blasting utilizes wheel blast machines, often known in the industry as tumble, table or belt blast equipment. This aggressive process can generate anchor surface, remove tight mill scale, previous coatings, foundry slag, and leave components with a uniform exterior surface finish.

KVF Quad can handle most any size, shape and type of part from small assemblies to heavy castings, threaded parts to full sheets of steel plate. All products are available for post process rust preventative, depending on customer needs.

Our shot blasting equipment uses a variety of media types to help maintain surface finishes, meet customer specifications and achieve required surface finishes. Typically, steel shot of varying size and shape are most commonly used, but also available is: stainless steel shot, aluminum cut wire and aluminum oxide.

All of KVF Quad’s shot blasting machine services are performed at their Quad Cities facility.

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